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Riga-Rogaine in Lettland im März 2016

Hier kommt der Einladungsbrief aus Lettland:


We would like to invite German rogaining enthusiasts to RIGA ROGAINING 2016. The event takes place on 26th March in Riga city, Latvia. There are 3 different distances available for participants – 2 hours for families and beginners, 4 hours and 6 hours.

Riga rogaining gathers over 1000 rogaining enthusiasts in the one-day event, where teams of 2-5 participants try to collect as many checkpoints as they can, located in the nearby area - the forest, the city and also other interesting places. The start and finish is in Riga city. The special and unusual feature of Riga rogaining is merging urban areas, streets, buildings with nature – forests, parks, which makes rogaining suitable for participants without any rogaining experience as well as challenging for experienced rogainers. Participants navigate only foot - by walking or running. Each participant gets a waterproof map, medal, warm soup, tea and a drink, and, of course, a great day in Riga and positive emotions!

Registration is available till 24 March. Registration fee varies from 12-15 EUR till the end of February.



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