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Bulletin - 4th Saxony Rogaine

The official bulletin of the 4th Saxony Rogaine is now available. It contains more information about registration fees, the terrain, a schedule and so on.

4th Saxony Rogaine 2011


USG Chemnitz


July 9, 2011

Event Site

Central Erzgebirge, south west of Chemnitz

Hash House

Sportplatz Altenhain
Altenhainer Dorfstr. 13
09128 Chemnitz

Google Maps


  • Open 12 hour Rogaine
  • Open 6 hour Rogaine

Event Area

Rural area, south west of Chemnitz, bounded by Chemnitz, Augustusburg, Waldkirchen, Gornau, and Kemtau


Low mountain range, 300 – 550m, 50% wood, 50% agriculture, many trails, partly steep hillsides


  • Topographical map, 1:40 000 (based on 1:50 000), contour lines at 10 m

  • last updated 2007-2009

  • water-resistant

Punching System

The electronic system “Sport Ident” (SI) is used. SI-chips can be borrowed from the organizer. Every member of the team needs his own SI-chip.

Note: SI-chips version 6 or higher are required because there are more than 33 control points. Teams expecting to reach less than 33 control points (e.g. 6-hour rogainers) can use lower SI-chip versions.


MO12, WO12, XO12, MJ12, WJ12, XJ12, MV12, WV12, XV12

MO6, WO6, XO6, MJ6, WJ6, XJ6, MV6, WV6, XV6

  • M – men

  • W – women

  • X – mixed teams

  • V – veterans: al members of the team are older than 40 years

  • J – juniors: all members of the team are younger than 20 years


A team has 2 to 5 members.

Participants who are younger than 18 years must be accompanied by an adult. Participants under the age of 16 need a written permission from their parents.

The teams must stay together within earshot. If one team member wants to quit the competition, the whole team has to reach the Hash House to end the competition.

After nightfall the participants have to wear reflective clothes.

Registration and Fees

Online-Registration 6h Rogaine:

  • Until June, 5, 2011: 8,00 €

  • Until July 7, 2011: 12,00 €

  • Registration at the Hash House on July 9, 2011 (subject to free capacities): 16,00 €

  • Without catering, can be ordered extra for 3,00 € per person

Online-Registration 12h Rogaine:

  • Until June 5, 2011: 12,00 €

  • Until July 7, 2011: 16,00 €

  • Registration at the Hash House on July 9, 2011 (subject to free capacities): 20,00 €

  • Catering included

If exceptional cases make it impossible for you to register this way, send an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Give the following information:

  • Team name

  • Names of the team members

  • Birth date and country of origin of every team member

  • Club name (only if you want to start for a club)

  • SI-chip number (if available), otherwise state that you will need to borrow a chip from us

  • Category

  • E-mail address

Foreign teams can pay the registration fee in cash on the the day of the competition.


Registration start: 8:00 am

Distribution of maps, 12h event: 8:00 am

Start of the 12h event: 10:00 am

Distribution of maps, 6h event: 12:00 am

Start of the 6h event: 14:00 pm

Finish, 6h event: 20:00 pm

Finish, 12h event: 22:00 pm 

Award ceremony subsequently.


The control points have a value between 20 and 90 points. You can see their value in the map and the description of the control points. Every team can choose how many control points they want to visit and in which order they want to do that. Every control point must be logged on the SI chip by every member of the team within 60 seconds. There will be a red and white marker (30 x 30 cm), an SI station, and a control card at every control point.

At the end, your total points are important (not how many control points you visited). If two ore more teams have reached the same amount of points, the team that reached the finish first will win.

If you need more than 6/12 hours, you will lose 20 points per minute. If you arrive 30 minutes after the finish time your team will be disqualified.


There will be a limited amount of parking spaces at the hash house. It will be best if you car-pool or use public transport.

Overnight Stay

It is possible to bring your own tent and set it up at the Hash House. However, the space is limited. If required, send an e-mail at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  .


During the competition there will be food and tea (or something similar) available at the hash house. This is only included in the registration fee for the 12h rogaine. However 6h rogainers can book it additionally.

Organization Commitee

Head: Jan Langer

Course architects: Jan Langer. Marko Rößler, Daniel Bohnwagner, Thomas Horn, Frank Viertel



E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The contest applies the rules of the IRF. If there will be exceptions, we will announce them in due time. Every team member takes part at his own risk and is responsible for his safety. The organizers do not answer for any injury or damage.


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